Annette Baker (nee Caldwell), 11 August 1940–7 June 2016, was a long time Grafton resident who had a passion for gardening – a hobby which has long been associated with the Caldwell name (for more info on this please see Family History page). Annette sadly passed away from a very rare cancer in June 2016 after a short, but intensely painful and difficult period of illness.

Annette in the garden in 2015.

This Website is a tribute to her love, courage and tenacity from her family and friends.

Annette’s greatest pleasure in life was her garden. And what a passion it was. She simply adored it. Her garden brought her tremendous pleasure, joy, happiness, satisfaction, contentment and peace. It was here that she felt most comfortable. Whenever she experienced times of significant trouble or distress, she could usually be found somewhere in the garden. It was there she found solace. The garden was hard work, for sure, but she just loved it. A few days indoors with rain found her being agitated, impatient and itching to get back outside. Her biggest fear as she aged was that she would end up indoors incapacitated. She hated the thought of sitting knitting or crocheting!

When the world wearies and society ceases to gratify, there is always the Garden. (Minnie Aumonier).

The garden was very much a lifestyle for Annette. In the later part of her life, other interests waned completely and the garden was her sole passion – as it was for Scott. Together they ventured to every nursery they could find and rarely gained pleasure from other activities outside of gardening, and garden related events.

Annette credited her Grandmother and parents with the deep love she had for plants. Annette spent many hours in her parent’s garden and then her own. She had a special interest in fern houses which she delighted in spending time in, always.

We miss her terribly, particularly Scott, but we have chosen to honour and remember her through this Web site and the re-opening of her beloved garden.